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Help needy persons and india against covid-19

COVID Help Centre  |  2021-5-15 15:46 2203

Hello lovely T-fans.... YOUR WELCOME
     As all of you know that this is a very critical condition of our because of covid-19 pandemic. We should help each other in this situation. We can help of needy persons with following government rules.
We request all of you for......
      1. Share as many details of verified COVID resources that you are aware of on SPOT by creating threads under COVID HEALTH FORUM. Amplify the resources that you get. Help as many people as you can.

2. Share information and updates regarding COVID. Carry the information forward, create threads on the updates. Comment down on every important COVID related news.

3. Please do share your queries, tips, and requirements so help can be provided, information can be amplified under COVID forum

4. Actively keep an eye on the COVID HELP FORUM section and help out fellow T-Fans in need in any way possible.

Let’s support each other and help our fellow T-Fans. Please follow the public health guidelines.

You can make a significant difference simply by remaining at home as much as possible and practising social distancing when you do go out.

You will reduce the chances of contracting the coronavirus by staying safe and avoiding high-risk behaviours.

Let's Stop at Nothing and help each other out in this unprecedented time.
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