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Hey T-Fans, If there ever were a secret society of creative geniuses, you wi

TECNO News  |  2021-5-5 11:27 TECNO KE6 4107

Hey T-Fans,

If there ever were a secret society of creative geniuses, you will be our go-to gang. T-Boy had no doubt that his T-Fans were talented but this month’s TECNOgrapher challenge has shown a different level of artistic brilliance.

We are so thankful to all of you for sharing your amazing, talented and just wow pictures with us. All of you were mind-blowing.

We will admit that this month’s theme, ‘Renditions of Number 7’, was a thinker but to our top three winners, it seems they were made for these pictures.

So, this month’s top 3 winners of The Great TECNOgrapher Challenge after evaluating all aspects like creativity, concept, clarity, comments etc and keeping in mind the spirit of the contest are....... *Drumrolls*

Congratulations nexusphotohraphy on clicking the award-winning Rendition of 7. Cheer up as you get a brand-new SPARK 7 for your winning entry. Wohoo!

Besides this we also have 2 runner ups this month. Congratulations to our first runner up, Kyle68, on winning an Amazon Voucher worth INR 1000 and our second runner up, Hitler, on winning an Amazon Voucher worth INR 500 for their marvelous renditions of 7.

Your creative outputs have gathered so many praises across social media. Apart from the top 3 winners, TECNO’s management team has selected 3 more entries to be rewarded this month for their creative renditions of 7 which are as follows:

Congratulations Santhi Kumari, Durga Prasad and Gaurav Patel for securing this special reward this month. People like you complete the TECNO family and make it the brand it is today!

That’s it for this month but don’t forget to get ready for the ‘May challenge’!

Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!
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