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From a Survivor to a Hero: Donate Plasma, Save Lives

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Dear T-Fans,

These are strange times. While social media has now become a war room, all of us netizens and citizens are fighting this battle together against the Covid19 pandemic!

Every day we’re seeing friends and family members tapping on to their contacts earnestly in search of plasma, medicines, hospital beds with the hope to win this all!

Plasma therapy, known as Convalescent plasma therapy is a method that has helped to save the lives of some critical patients of coronavirus. In this treatment, plasma, the yellowish liquid part of the blood, is extracted from a person who has recovered from Covid and injected into a patient who is suffering from the disease.

The plasma contains antibodies that can help a patient fight the virus and recover from the disease.

If you’ve been a Covid survivor, you can be a hero now and save lives.

The donor must visit the hospital/plasma bank centre where she/he will undergo tests to map the status of serum protein, CBC (complete blood counts) and ABO RhD blood group.

Other tests include checking for the hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, HIV, malaria, and syphilis.

Depending on how many days have passed since the recovery, the donor will also have to take an antibody screening test as per the ICMR kit method.

You Can Donate Plasma if:

1.        You were tested positive for COVID-19
2.        You have fully recovered and are free of symptoms for 28-30 days
3.        You are between 18-60 years old

Make sure you test negative and consult a doctor before donating plasma.

You Cannot Donate Plasma if:

1.        Your weight is less than 50 kg
2.        You have ever been pregnant
3.        You are diabetic and on insulin
4.        Your Blood Pressure is more than 140 and diastolic less than 60 or more than 90
5.        You have uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension with a change in medication in the last 28 days
6.        You are a Cancer Survivor
7.        You have chronic kidney/heart/lung or liver disease.

Is it Safe?

People are scared and skeptical about plasma donation because the process is different from the usual blood donation.

However, truth be told, it’s completely safe and there will be no health issue that you’ll face. You can get up and do your chores in less than an hour!

Where can you donate plasma?

There are various credible sources that match donors with patients who need
Plasma.  Some of them are:

1.        https://dhoondh.com/
2.        https://needplasma.in/
3.        https://plasmadonor.in/
4.        https://plasmaline.in/
5.        https://givered.in/

Alternatively, you can also reach to your nearest blood bank and donate blood/plasma there.

Take the step now! If you have won the fight against corona, help others in their fight too!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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Great ????????????
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  it's needed information
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nice information
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can non covid person donate plasma?
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is positive covid person antibodies are strong than normal person?
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why not negative covid person should not donate plasma and why only positive covid person?
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