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What to do if someone is sick in your home

COVID  |  2021-4-22 17:41 151565


Hey T-fans,

We’re sure you must be trying to keep your loved ones safe from coronavirus at this time. While everyone should continue to stay inside their homes as much as possible, wear a double mask, frequently wash their hands, and maintain social distancing, there is still a chance that you or someone in your home can get infected.

With the sheer number and intensity of COVID-19 cases in the country, there is a lack of oxygen cylinders, lifesaving drugs and injections, and hospital beds.

The World Health Organization has some helpful suggestions on the steps you should take if a loved one living with you is sick-

1.          Isolate the sick person

•        Prepare a separate room or isolated space, and keep distance from others.

•        Keep the room well ventilated and open windows frequently.

2.        Reduce contact with the virus

•        Identify one household member to be the contact person who is not at high risk and has the fewest contacts with people outside.

•        Wear a medical mask if in the same room as the sick person.

•        Use separate dishes, cups, eating utensils, and bedding from the sick person.

•        Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

3.        Take care of the sick person

•        Monitor the sick person’s symptoms regularly.

•        Pay special attention if the person is at high risk for serious illness.

•        Ensure the sick person rests and stays hydrated.

•        Call your healthcare provider immediately if you see any of these danger signs:
ꞏ Difficulty breathing      
ꞏ Confusion  
ꞏ Loss of speech or mobility   
ꞏ Chest pain

Following the above instructions to help your loved one with their recovery while ensuring the safety of your family.

Stay safe and healthy everyone, we will win!

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nice information
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hi It's nice
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great suggestions and thanks for providing awareness
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