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SPARK 7- Loaded with the all new HiOS 7.5 based on Andorid 11

SPARK 7  |  2021-4-12 14:28 372940


Hey T-Fans,

As we approach the sale of TECNO’s latest Spark 7 and Spark 7 Pro smartphones, it's time to tell you more about the awesome features. No smartphone can be considered a top performer without a trustworthy OS. With its SPARK 7 series, TECNO will introduce its HIOS 7.5, based on Android 11 with features like custom-timing dark mode, video assistant and app twin.

We know ki sun ke toh achha laga but what does all this mean for your user experience. Let’s do a quick deep-dive!

1.        Custom timing dark theme: HiOS 7.5 lets you customise your dark theme setting so that your phone seamlessly switches between light and dark mode as per your requirement. We also offer an auto dark mode, because you don’t need harsh bright lights at night after a long day of work. At TECNO, “when the surroundings go dark, we go dark with it”.


2.        Instant chat bubbles: For all our users with popular social lives and even more happening online presence, HiOS 7.5 brings new chat bubbles. You might be doing something, but we know you just can’t resist the temptation to see who has sent you what. This SWAG feature you chat on multiple apps and with multiple people without switching screens at all. So no more switching back and forth between apps the moment you receive a message. Stay where you are and chatter away.


3.        App Twin: Double the account and double the fun. For our modern, tech-savvy users, running multiple social media platforms is the norm. Afterall, what is even the point if you don’t have at least one public and one private account on insta, right? So, TECNO introduced the App Twin, a simple tool in HiOS 7.5 designed to help you manage your social game. With it, you can run two social accounts simultaneously and switch between different social accounts fast for a smooth experience. (Only with SPARK 7 3GB)


4.        Video Assistant: The guardian of your cinematic experience! Kitni baar hota hai ki ek amazing ya funny si video ke beech suddenly ek call aa jaye. Ek second mein you get distracted and lose focus and the experience is spoilt. To solve this issue, HiOS 7.5 has a dedicated assistant to sort it all out for you. A great tool for your viewing experience, and anger management.


Watch this space for more exciting features TECNO fans!

Sale starts on 16 April 2021, Get notified : https://amzn.to/3fyu1p9

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503989960 32 #

mi fitures best
2021-5-16 13:50 Like(0)

30515326 31 #

plz give Android 11 update on our tecno camon16 premiere phones
2021-5-14 22:35 Like(0)

yashshakya 30 #

please give update for HIOS 7.5 on tecno spark 6 go
2021-5-13 13:57 Like(1)

501644320 29 #

when update spark 5pro
2021-5-13 12:32 Like(0)

500101920 28 #

tecno spark 6 Air
2021-5-13 12:24 Like(0)

Raj kanojiya 27 #

tecno spark 5 pro kabh hoga android 11
2021-5-13 12:21 Like(0)


techno camon I2x update 9.0
2021-5-8 10:28 Like(0)

503546560 25 #

2021-5-4 23:43 Like(1)

ts7440920151 24 #

tecno spark power 2 please update HIOS 7.5 and android 11
2021-5-3 19:23 Like(3)



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