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[Tips & Tricks] 7 Camera Features to Swag Up your Gallery

Photography  |  2021-4-8 17:11 2895


Hey T-Fans,

Today we have a treat for all our budding photographers and shutterbugs and even the posers and selfie-lovers. Yes, we’re talking about our old friend, the Swagger Camera!

Who doesn’t like to click good pictures? But not all cameras come with good features, right? Here are 7 essential features which you should look out for to SWAG UP your gallery with SPARK 7 and add a SPARK to your photography game-

1.        Eye Auto Focus: This is a system that tracks the movement of a subject’s eyes. In simpler terms, this feature ensures that the subject of your photograph is always in focus even if the camera shifts accidentally or the subject is moving in and out of the frame constantly. Bye Bye blurry photos!

2.        Time-Lapse: Till now you’ve only seen time lapse videos in premium smartphones or professional photography, but TECNO is set to change that. This feature lets you capture multiple shots of a scene in a set time period so that when you play it back, the video seems to have been sped up and time and events appear to go by faster. This is a great feature to capture your road trips, house tours, bike/car videos, or just a simple blog!

3.        Bokeh Mode: Bokeh effect is very visually appealing and gives your photographs and videos a soft, blurred and dream-like quality. This effect gives the background a soft-of-focus effect which draws the focus to your subject, especially if the frame has any kind of lighting in it. This is great for macro-shots and close-up portraits.

4.        Slow Motion Video Recording: This feature lets you shoot great slo-mo effects and is especially useful for showing off those riding skills, workout videos, fashion shoots or making short but engaging content for Instagram and snapchat.

5.        Wide Selfie: Hello selfie lovers, we hear you! The wise selfie mode on the spark 7 series front camera will easily let you fit in your entire gang of friends without the need of a selfie stick or handing the phone to the tallest person as usual. The wide selfie feature takes wide-angle shots, letting you pan your device left and right to capture more of the scene.

6.        Adjustable Brightness for Selfie Camera: Another great feature in the Spark 7 series its dual adjustable flashlights. With this feature, you no longer need to find good external lighting for a good selfie. Simply adjust the selfie brightness on your front camera and click away!

7.        AI Stickers: Artificial Intelligence driven live stickers can track your movements when you move your face. With this feature, you no longer need instagram, snapchat or any third party app to turn your face into a cute animal, or record a funny sticker, add makeup and other dramatic effects, distort your voice or facial features and just have fun.

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how can I manage these all swags
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