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April SWAG UP TECNOgrapher Challenge: Capture the renditions of 7

Tecno Gallery  |  2021-4-7 11:36 2123941

Participate & Win brand new TECNO Spark 7!  

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Dear T-Fans,

The TECNOgrapher challenge for the month of April is back!

April is not just about April Fools, you know! At TECNO, this month is all about SWAG UP.  We are looking for the most talented photographer with a SWAG on our platform who can rule the month of April. Clean your lenses and adjust your focus because this month, you might be TECNOgrapher of the month  and you may stand a chance to win a brand new SPARK 7!

The theme for this month is ‘Renditions of Number 7’.

So, what are you waiting for? Showcase your creative photography skills and capture number ‘7’ in an artistic way. It could be the number itself or a picture that depicts the number. Photo mey SWAG hona chahiye 

Below are some examples for your reference:


So take out your Smartphones and start capturing the 7 around you!

- Only members registered on TECNO Spot India are eligible for participation.

1. Visit: https://in-spot.tecno.com/in/index.php
2. Click on register on the top right corner
3. Enter your details and get registered on TECNO SPOT

1. Go to the Forums Section and follow TECNO Gallery
2. Create a thread under April TECNOgrapher Challenge and post your entries

Kindly note-
- Photos must be original and taken by the participant.


So, for selecting the winners, there will be 2 rounds:

1st Round: This will be an eliminator round and top photographers from this round will be shortlisted for the final round based on:
a.        Photographer’s Creativity (Clear renditions of 7)
b.        Clarity of the photograph
c.        The number of likes and comments they receive on their entry on TECNO Spot

Round 1 entries close on 18th April 2021.

Get set posting, T-Fans!

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suraj mehta 20 #

2021-4-20 08:08 Like(2)

503485520 19 #

sb Sathi chunks Irvine facing osmany habit kidney Lal
2021-4-19 21:02 Like(0)

ts7011680663 18 #

Bhai techno spot app main gallery show nah I horahi mare phone ki
2021-4-17 14:32 Like(1)

503419320 17 #

mujhe chahiye
2021-4-16 13:14 Like(1)
  • Rishabh : participate in the competition to win

    2021-4-17 00:40

503419320 16 #

2021-4-16 13:14 Like(1)
  • 503421920 : टेक्नोस्पोर्ट

    2021-4-16 15:07

503106700 15 #

when holi results came out
2021-4-15 16:58 Like(2)

ts9091286171 14 #

I love Tecno . Picture quality is ossom . Tecno camera is really beautiful
2021-4-15 01:15 Like(1)

TECNO SPOT IN Author11 #

18th April 2021 for round 1 and
25th April 2021 for round 2
2021-4-13 18:09 Like(1)

TECNO SPOT IN Author10 #


Please create a thread underSPORTS forum here- https://in-spot.tecno.com/in/forum.php?fid=611

ts7011680663 published in 2021-4-12 19:40
Bhai picture yahi shear kerni hain Kay ?
2021-4-13 11:08 Like(1)

ts7011680663 9 #

Bhai picture yahi shear kerni hain Kay ?
2021-4-12 19:40 Like(1)



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