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 Hey T-Fans! Usually, we bring you tips and tricks for you to try to get t

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Hey T-Fans!

Usually, we bring you tips and tricks for you to try to get the best out of your smartphone, but today we’re going to tell you what NOT to do with them. Surprised? Well, think of it like this, we all want to extend our smartphone’s life as much as possible, right? Though we know of many hacks that we can follow to keep our phones in the best of health, no one really tells us the basic things to avoid. So, if you are as attached to your phone as we are, here are 7 easy ways to make it last long:

1.        Don’t overcharge your phone! - Do you also put your phone to charge overnight for 7 hours every day? Or charge it whenever you have the opportunity? Don’t. Research has proven that a battery’s capacity could be reduced from too many charging cycles. One technique to improve your battery’s lifespan is to try and keep battery at 50 per cent charge or more for the majority of the time. Refrain from charging them all the way to 100 per cent though, as fully charging a battery regularly can shorten its lifespan. Instead, aim for a full zero to 100 per cent charging of the battery around once a month.

2.        Put a case on it - After the battery, a smartphone screen is the part most likely to get damaged, usually due to rough handling. On top of being susceptible to damage, it's also quite pricey to repair. We suggest a cheap and easy way around this, invest in a good shock-absorbing protective case for your phone and a good quality screen protector as well.

3.        Keep it clean - We don’t just mean the outside! But on the inside, too. Your phone screen may look shiny, but it has germs and dust particles all over it. Keep the charging port and other inlets clean, wipe the screen and back with alcohol swabs, and do not download files from websites you are not sure are safe, clear unnecessary data and apps you no longer use, and never ever approve unauthorized charges.

4.        Welcome to the dark side - One of the smartest things you can do to subtly to increase battery life is by keeping heavy-usage apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. on dark mode. Not only does this extends your battery life, but also puts very little strain on your eyesight!

5.        Make some room - One of the chief reasons our smartphones becomes slow with age is the storage space being filled to the brim. If your smartphone has started slowing down, the first thing to do when troubleshooting is to check available storage on your phone and declutter to free up space. Clear out documents, videos, caches and other big files you have no use for and see much faster results. Use Phone Master app to clear away the cache and unwanted files.

6.        Stop hunting for the perfect selfie! - For all the shutterbugs, we have some bad news. Using your phone’s camera to click pictures and videos for hours on end will drain battery much faster than when camera use is kept under check. No one needs 200 selfies in the same pose or outfit anyway, so we suggest that you be mindful while clicking, put those kick-ass photography skills to good use, but don’t let it become an addiction.

7.        Keep up with the times - In order to keep your phone running as fast and problem-free as possible, it's important to update the operating system and third-party apps as they're released. These updates don't take long, and the benefits can be huge; from fixing bugs and resolving security issues to changes that bring new features and improve overall performance of your device so it works more smoothly.

We hope these things will help you increase your phone’s life and keep it healthy for long. By the way, we have another special 7 for you which will make your SWAG last long-
Check it out here: https://www.amazon.in/b?node=26061319031
Do let us know in the comments section what other things can be done to keep your phone healthy and safe!
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