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Happy Holi dear Spot Family! Share your #TECNOHoliRemix [Closed]

Activities  |  2021-3-27 16:12 191621

Hey T-Fans,

Wishing you a very Happy Holi! This year, Holi will be played not only with rang, gulal, gujiya, thandai but… masks, sanitizers and social distancing as well.

Untitled-1 copy8.png

Aur is baar rango k tyohar me, T-Boy wants you all to play safe and responsible Holi and wants to highlight the importance of consent this Holi. Let's together change the narrative from “Bura na Mano” to “Bura na Khelo”.  

Kyuki #YehHoliPuchnaHaiZaroori

“Bura na mano Holi hai” and other such Holi sayings and songs encourage a culture of disregarding consent. Look into the lyrics of most songs, and you will find that they give a ‘khuli chhoot’ for bad behaviour during this festival. For example-

Bura na Mano Holi Hai’

Aaj na chhodenge...khelenge hum holi’

‘Aaj har baat ki maafi aaj poori azadi

‘Arre jo ji mein aaye tum aaj kar lo… chahe jise in baaho mein bhar lo

Par tyohar par muh latka kar bhi nahi baith sakte na! Toh chaliye T-Fans, you can help us.
In the comments section, tell us which popular Holi song lyrics you would want to remix and yes, don't forget to recreate and add your own lyrics.


Also, don’t forget to post a picture of your Holi celebration this year with us in the comments section and on social media. Use #TECNOResponsibleRemix and #TECNOHoliRemix on social media to grab more eyeballs!


Toh ab ye dekhna hai ki which three T-fans come up with the top-3 remixes and holi pictures kyuki prize bhi toh jeetna hai dosto. We have some Holi Hampers and Amazon vouchers for top 3 #TECNOHoliRemixes! So, let the games begin..

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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bargav 25 #

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503002820 24 #

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wisvaksen 23 #

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Sathya 22 #

#TECNOResponsibleRemix take after holi also guys
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Uvasingh 21 #

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maxx 20 #

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503002820 18 #

happy Holi bhai ????
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503121020 17 #

Happy holi of happyness
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503087260 16 #

happy Holi ????
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503077780 15 #

Happy holi
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