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TECNO SHEroes: Perks and Benefits

TECNO SHEroes  |  2021-3-18 15:19 7816


Hey T-Fans,

As you are all aware that we have launched TECNO SHEroes, an exclusive sub-group of women, for women and by women as our pledge of #JoMannKareWomanKare, we want to be more inclusive and make sure that there’s equity in participation. We noticed that while many women are part of the T-SPOT platform, they are rarely at the forefront when it comes to leading discussions. And we are remedying this ASAP!

We invite women on SPOT to take credit and ownership of all their brilliant inputs on this women-driven community as they engage and encourage fellow members to contribute to more inclusivity. Just like T-SPOT moderators, TECNO SHEroes will start and lead conversations, engage and mentor their community so that all voices are heard.

If you are still wondering why you should join this community, then please note that-

1.        You will be one of the founding members of the group, get regular brand and industry updates to keep them at pace with all developments
2.        You will directly contribute towards the growth of the TECNO SPOT platform and at the same time learn new and exciting things as the community grows.
3.        You get an amazing chance to get your hands on TECNO goodies, TECNO Smartphones and get a certificate to be a part of TECNO SHEroes
4.        And lastly, you will be an inspiration for other Women on SPOT to do #JoMannKareWomanKare

If you want to become a TECNO SHEro, go to the FORUM section and follow “TECNO SHEroes”. Create a thread under “TECNO SHEroes” and tell us why you want to join “TECNO SHEroes”.

For more details, check here: http://bit.ly/3qUEu00

Lead the revolution, ladies!

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502954680 6 #

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502937820 4 #

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Ansarifarahn 3 #

perfect opportunity for women's let's grab it now.
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survival singh 2 #

how can I join?
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