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torch icon is not selecting

Q&A  |  2020-9-26 22:34 TECNO LC8 5190

I have techno power2 phone. its recently buy.
it's torch icon is not selecting means it's not working.
please resolve this issue.
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Sumit Verma 4 #

Please call us on our toll free customer care number 1800-4190-525 between 10 AM to 7 PM or email us at tecno.service@carlcare.com for assistance on the issue you're facing with Spark Power 2, They will better help to you with your problems
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276089273713 Author3 #

please connect with me on +919867826236(whatsapp)
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Sumit Verma 2 #

Reboot your device once and check it if not working visit our nearest carlcare center, may be problem with hardware.......If flash working when you're clicking the picture with flash
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  • 276089273713 : the camera flash is working. only torch icon not selecting others icons are selecting very well. torch icon is not selecting(clicking) so the torch is not on.

    2020-9-26 23:20



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