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[Battery thickness Survey] Your Opinion Matters

Feedback & Suggestions  |  2020-9-2 13:11 122169

Dear T-Fans,

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback time and again. We at TECNO strive to provide you with better user experience and your feedback has always been of prime importance that helped us in customising our products to meet our valuable consumer requirements.  

We noticed that smartphone battery is one of the most important part for us when it comes to smartphone usage and we at TECNO have spoken about a lot in discussions on T-Spot.

battery thickness survey battery.jpg

To make your smartphone experience even more smoother, T-Boy is here brings to you a survey regarding your battery usage experience. we are yet again here's a short survey about your smartphones battery and thickness. The information collected will be instrumental in improving our products as per your expectations so that you can have a better experience with your TECNO smartphones!

Help us understand you better.

If You're unable to access the survey, please copy the following link to your browser:

Thank you for your support!

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Tecno king Basu 12 #

6000mh using net is use
2020-9-7 11:18 Like(0)

Jagdish 11 #

2020-9-5 16:22 Like(0)

282484648652 10 #

2020-9-3 18:58 Like(0)

Subrata Sardar 9 #

2020-9-3 16:29 Like(0)

Kishan kumar 8 #

2020-9-3 12:03 Like(0)


2020-9-3 11:43 Like(0)

280001442125 6 #

why text message let open any suggestions pls share
2020-9-2 19:59 Like(0)

Ravi_18 5 #

done team
2020-9-2 15:44 Like(0)

Roman Verma 4 #

2020-9-2 15:37 Like(2)



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