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Join Our Whatsapp Group, Get T-Spot Updates!

General  |  2020-7-21 16:49 997700

Hello there, T-Fans!

You and several other T-Fans have one thing in common, the genuine admiration for the growing TECNO Community. Isn’t it always a charm to get connected with like-minded people? It is because they share the same line of thought, aspirations and you would be able to have meaningful conversations with them.

836 (1).png

Keeping precisely that in mind, we have created a group for all T-Fans to come together. Once you join the group, you will be able to talk to other TECNO users like yourself. Plus, you will get uninterrupted access to all the latest information and activities. Trust me, you do not want to miss out as we have A LOT IN STORE FOR YOU!

What is even more amazing is that you are free to share your own unique content on this group. You can encourage your fellow T-Fans to like and share your content during contests!

Sounds fun? Then join the group:

If you're a TECNO photographer who wants to stay updated with news about the latest photography activities and share your snaps with other TECNOgraphers, you should definitely check out the TECNOgraphy Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/I8pZYtOAEjG6y9JNyJ8KeP

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503268660 85 #

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505287240 84 #

2021-7-30 19:10 Like(0)

505086480 83 #

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505055100 82 #

where I play tecon go contest
2021-7-17 07:44 Like(0)

505055100 81 #

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Noddy Chand 80 #

muje chi group mein invite Karo please (Tecno spark go 2020)
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504560500 79 #

techno spark 2 in slow charge kyu ho rha h
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504501620 78 #

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504501620 77 #

invite me please
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Satish oraon 76 #

Refurbished techno phone @ 5000
2021-6-13 08:16 Like(0)



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